As The First Citizen of the town, each year the Mayor accepts many invitations to attend public and community events across the parish. These invitations come from a wide variety of groups, organisations, businesses and charities to attend meetings, openings, galas and fundraisers, giving the Mayor the unique opportunity to meet and talk to many local residents. This is part of the Mayor’s public role and something that they take great pride in fulfilling.

At the start of the Mayoral term, the Mayor has the privilege to choose a charity to support, both in terms of raising much needed funds as well as raising the charities profile within the community. The charity will have a direct link and benefit to the residents of the parish and are often based within the parish boundaries. As the charities ambassador, The Mayor has the opportunity to make a big impact during their year of office, this is a role and honour that each Mayor takes very seriously.

Councillor Barbara Russel decided to dedicate her time and fundraising efforts to a small charity based at St Mary’s Church, called SPACE.  Aylesbury Space support people who are going through relationship difficulties, depression, bereavement, unemployment, mental health problems, loneliness, or any combination of these issues.  They hold 4 drop in sessions during the week, provide counselling and support services, giving those in need time and comfort knowing that they can have safe place to unwind and think.

Throughout this mayoral year, Barbara will raise funds for SPACE, by organising a variety of dedicate events.  For further information and details of these, as well as discussing opportunities for you to volunteer your time or services to support these events, please contact Sue Carpenter, Mayors Assistant on 01296 425678 or email

For more information about SPACE  please visit

The Mayor is delighted to be supporting SPACE for the year 2016/17