Aylesbury Town Council manages 7 allotment sites in Aylesbury; Ardenham Lane, Bierton Road, Bedgrove, Crown Leys, Old Stoke Road, Tring Road and Whaddon Chase.

We currently have plots available to rent at:

  • Bedgrove

Ardenham Lane

50 plots
Annual rent 10 pole £40, 5 pole £20
Accessed from Ardenham Lane and Mount Pleasant


206 plots
Annual rent 10 pole £40, 5 pole £20
No sheds/greenhouses allowed on this site
Accessed from Welbeck Avenue, Ingram Avenue and Hulbert End

Bierton Road

90 plots
Annual rent 10 pole £40, 5 pole £20
Also has starter plots of 2.5 poles for £10 p.a.
Accessed from Bierton Road

Crown Leys

76 plots
Annual rent 10 pole £52, 5 pole £26
Facilities include a shed or shared shed (maintained by Aylesbury Town Council) and toilets (including disabled)
Accessed from Havelock Street

Old Stoke Road

120 plots
10 pole £40, 5 pole £20
Accessed from Old Stoke Road
Aylesbury Garden Society have a trading hut on this site – Membership waived for new allotment tenants for first year

Tring Road

92 plots
10 pole £40, 5 pole £20
Accessed from Tring Road

Whaddon Chase

45 plots
10 pole £40, 5 pole £20
Accessed from Selkirk Avenue
10 Poles is equivalent to 250 square metres (or the size of a doubles tennis court)

Even though we have over 600 plots, we still have waiting lists with some sites proving more popular than others. If you are interested in becoming an allotment holder and wish to be put on the waiting list then please phone 01296 425678 or e-mail l.beaty@aylesburytowncouncil.gov.uk

We manage the list by allowing only one waiting list entry per household, providing a choice of a 2.5, 5 or 10 (maximum) pole plot and encouraging the sharing of plots between family and friends.

With ‘beginners’ in mind, we are endeavouring to provide more 2.5 pole plots on all sites, to give the new allotment gardener a manageable piece of land to start with.  We also have Wardens on each site, who with their wealth of gardening knowledge, will be able to give you advice and answer any questions you may have.

We carry out regular inspections of the sites to ensure that plots are being managed by allotment holders, address any problems they may have and to make sure all is running well.

The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners  offer a wealth of information and advice on getting started, planning your plot and gardening methods along with tips on what to do each month.

To view a sample Tenancy Agreement please click here

Aylesbury Town’s allotments can only be let to the residents of Aylesbury Town Parish.  If you live on Berryfields, Buckingham Park, Fairford Leys or Watermead, please contact your own Parish Council.


Ms S Severn
07778 473392

Buckingham Park

Mr K Gray
01296 435239

Fairford Leys

Mr K Gray
01296 422800


Ms N Shardlow
01296 641423

Stoke Mandeville

Ms S Copley
01296 613888

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