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Aylesbury Town Launches Its Dementia Action Alliance to Support Dementia Awareness Week 2017

Aylesbury Library was a-buzz on Wednesday 17 May as the new Town Mayor, Cllr Tom Hunter-Watts welcomed and thanked members of the newly launched Aylesbury Town Dementia Action Alliance for their support in working towards creating a Dementia Friendly town. The Library hosted the launch, where nostalgic items including books, posters, reminiscent scents, board games [...]

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New Mausoleums Chambers in Aylesbury Cemetery

Aylesbury Town Council will be hosting a presentation evening on Tuesday 9th May, from 6pm, at the Town Hall, 5 Church Street, when the successful contractors for the new mausolea will be present and everyone who is interested in purchasing a mausoleum is invited to attend. Drawings showing the designs of the new mausolea will be on show [...]

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