Aylesbury Allotmenteers are working in partnership with the Vineyard Church Aylesbury Community Fridge

Aylesbury Town Council which manages seven allotment sites across Aylesbury has set aside plots on Crown Leys allotment site to grow produce for the Aylesbury Community Fridge. The plots have been dug over and prepared by the Council’s outdoor team and are now being worked on by existing allotment holders from across the seven allotment sites who prepare, sow and harvest a great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, which is then made available to local people via the Aylesbury Community Fridge.

The Community Fridge is an initiative that is operated and managed by the Aylesbury Vineyard Church. It offers local people and businesses the opportunity to donate fresh, good quality surplus food, which may otherwise be wasted. The fresh food and produce is made freely available for all local people to come, collect and enjoy at home.

Not only will the produce from the community fridge plot be donated but also surplus fruit and vegetables which the allotment holders can’t use up themselves or distribute to their friends and family. This way it won’t end up on their compost heaps but rather on the dinner table.

Melissa Stone from the Aylesbury Vineyard Church says: “Aylesbury Community Fridge is thrilled to be collaborating with Aylesbury Town Council and the local community on the allotment project. By working together, we are stewarding the food grown effectively, distributing from local growers to people in the local area, fostering a spirit of sharing and developing community support and cohesion.”

The vision of the Community Fridge is not only to be a place of sharing and connection but it will also establish a social hub around it, promoting food education and community support and events.

Town Mayor Cllr Mike Smith says: “The allotment project in co-operation with the Community Fridge is a great opportunity for people to try new things as some of our allotment holders grow fruit and vegetables which aren’t widely available, such as Okra, Golden Raspberries, Kohlrabi or Romanesco Broccoli”