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//Jonathan Page Play Centre

Jonathan Page Play Centre

Earlier this year Aylesbury Vale District Council approached Aylesbury Town Council to ask if they would take over the Jonathan Page Play Centre (JPPC).

Following recent discussions with Aylesbury Vale District Council, at an extraordinary meeting on 28th April, the town council voted to take over the Jonathan Page Play Centre service and ensure its continuation.

ATC will take over the management of the facilities and staff, who are known to the children who currently attend the after school club and holiday play scheme.

ATC is pleased to take over the JPPC as this is a service to the community, to ensure its ongoing provision and to safeguard it.


Parents can be assured that their children can continue to use the JPPC and that they don’t need to disrupt their current family arrangements or job commitments or find alternative provision for their children.

A time frame will now be agreed on when the service will be transferred but it is hoped to have everything completed quickly.

Cllr Angela Macpherson, AVDC Cabinet Member for Leisure, Communities and Civic Amenities, said:

“We’re all delighted that the Jonathan Page Play Centre will be able to continue providing its valuable services for families in Aylesbury. Over the years it’s been a vital community resource and the fact that it’ll be here for the foreseeable future is great news. We’ll now work with Aylesbury Town Council to sort out the details of how they will take over the service. Congratulations to everyone who has helped to achieve this positive outcome, including the staff at the centre who will continue to work hard to ensure a seamless handover.”

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