The committee oversees the work and management of Tring Road Cemetery, Town Council allotment sites, environment work and Town Council assets. The committee meets a minimum of 4 times per annum.

To oversee the work and management of the Tring Road Cemetery, Town Council allotment sites, environment work and Town Council assets.

  1. The Committee shall consist of 9 members.
  2. The Committee shall meet a minimum of 4 times per year
  3. Between October and December annually to prepare a draft budget for all areas to the Finance Committee.
  4. To monitor budgets and report possible over/under spends to Town Council
  5. To oversee and review the Health & Safety policy and Risk Assessments of the maintenance team and to ensure safe practices are followed.
  6. The Committee must adhere to the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
  7. To review policies of the Committee and Committee Terms of Reference on an annual basis

Tring Road Cemetery

  • To ensure that the management of the cemetery grounds are maintained to a high standard and consider any improvements within reason.
  • To ensure that we offer the best possible customer service to cemetery users.
  • To ensure, with the assistance of officers, that the cemetery records are maintained to a high standard and stored securely.

Allotment Sites

  • To receive a regular report of the allotment sites
  • To work to ensure the continuous development of allotment sites to provide the highest quality of service delivery
  • To ensure that the provision of allotments is considered as a condition of future housing developments where this can be achieved
  • To consider, where applicable, land to extend the provision of Town Council allotments to attempt to meet the demands of
    Aylesbury residents.

Assets of the Town Council

  • To oversee the care and maintenance of the assets of the Town Council
  • Town hall building
  • Assets of value and historical importance
  • Civic Insignia and all other assets of the Council
  • Land adjoining Ardenham Land allotments
  • Any other asset not looked after by any other committee

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