The Finance Committee meets a minimum of 4 times per annum and monitors the budget of the Town Council and monitors expenditure. It is responsible for ensuring that the Council’s spending objectives are met and that all financial procedures are being carried out in accordance with Financial Regulations.

To oversee the annual budget process and to liaise and advise other Committees with the setting of their budgets and to recommend to full council the annual precept

  1. The Committee shall call a minimum of 4 meetings per year
  2. To be responsible for regular monitoring of the Council’s Budget and reserves position
  3. To be responsible for reporting requests for virements to Town Council
  4. To be responsible for ensuring that the Council’s agreed spending objectives are met
  5. To be responsible for annual reviews of financial policies and procedures to safeguard the Council’s finances
  6. To regularly review, and recommend to Council where necessary, amendments to the Council’s Financial Regulations
  7. To consider, on behalf of Council, responses to auditors’ reports
  8. To work with and co-operate with officers in their duties with regard to preparing any financial documentation on behalf of
    Town Council
  9. To review the Aylesbury Special Expenses budget prepared by AVDC and make recommendations for Council’s response to these.
  10. Ad-hoc monitoring of expenditure in cost categories
  11. To ensure that financial procedures are being carried out in accordance with Financial Regulations
  12. To ensure items of expenditure that are over £7,500 (or the appropriate limit as amended from time to time in Financial Regulations), that quotes are being sought, and that a tendering 30 July 2013 process is being applied on items over £65,000 (and as required by Financial Regulations). To also review a selection of expenditure items below the current limits (items selected as determined by Committee) to confirm good practice is being operated throughout the Council purchasing process.
  13. To implement and review a 3 year rolling budget/forecast.
  14. To review the Committee Terms of Reference on an annual basis

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