The Grants Committee meets a minimum of 4 times per annum to consider the grant applications received from local organisations and community groups. The Town Council reserves the right not to make grants to those who applied. No commercial organisation will be considered for a grant.

The Grants Committee shall be a Standing Committee of Aylesbury Town Council appointed at the Annual Council Meeting. As such it is autonomous; its decisions do not require ratification by Council unless a matter is specifically referred up. It is subject to the same general rules of conduct in relation to meetings set out in the Council’s Standing Orders.

  1. The Committee shall consist of 7 members. Its quorum shall be 3.
  2. The Committee shall meet a minimum of 4 times per year. The meetings shall be determined at the Annual Council Meeting, or otherwise by Council or this Committee’s decision.
  3. Grant Committee Members cannot be a signatory on any grant cheque.
  4. To consider grant applications from various organisations on behalf of Aylesbury Town Council.
  5. To ensure that the grants budget for the relevant financial year is not exceeded
  6. To monitor the effectiveness of the Town Council’s grant allocation process.
  7. The Committee shall be maintained in accordance with a budget set by the Council. Any additional funds required by the Committee to discharge its obligations shall be sought by application to Council.
  8. To review Committee Terms of Reference on an annual basis.

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