The Town Council is not a Planning Authority, but under the Local Government Act 1972 is able to make observations to the Planning Authority upon applications in its Parish. The Planning Authority for Aylesbury Town Council is Aylesbury Vale District Council.

The Planning Committee of Aylesbury Town Council holds on average 24 meetings per annum.

To consider planning applications and submit comments to Aylesbury Vale District Council or Bucks County Council on behalf of the Town Council. However the Committee may refer any contentious applications for discussion/comment to full Council.

  1. The Committee shall consist of 9 members; quorum shall be 3
  2. The meetings shall be determined at the Annual Council Meeting, or otherwise by Council or this Committee’s decision
  3. To respond to consultation on local plans and other planning related issues on behalf of the Town Council. However the Committee may refer major planning issues to the Town Council.
  4. To consider all matters relating to the physical environment of the town and liaise with County and District Councils, other agencies and local interest groups on such issues.
  5. To respond to proposals and consultations of other authorities, organisations or utilities companies, including traffic regulation orders, radio masts, etc., on behalf of the Town Council.
  6. To ensure that when the Town Council has made strong objections, a Member of the Planning & Licensing Committee, or other Town Councillors, attends meetings of the Aylesbury Vale District Council’s Development Control Committees and Licensing Sub-Committee.
  7. To consider licensing applications and submit comments to the Aylesbury Vale District Council on behalf of the Town Council.In cases where the Planning Committee resolves to object to an application and subsequent information is received from AVDC suggesting that grounds for objection are not valid – prior to the matter being discussed at AVDC Development Management Committees and / or Bucks County Council Development Control Committee – the Committee’s original decision can be rescinded with the agreement of the Chairman  Vice Chair /and any two members of the Committee or alternatively by the Chairman / Vice Chair in conjunction with the Town Clerk and one other member of the Planning Committee.
  8. To consider the impact of licensing applications on the town and liaise with County, District Councils, Licensing Forum, other agencies and local interest groups on such issues.
  9. To seek to ensure that appropriate licensing hours and conditions are applied to premises, and in particular where these are located in residential areas.
  10. To review Terms of Reference on an annual basis.

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