Tring Road Cemetery was first opened in 1858 after the closure of St Mary’s Churchyard for burials. Aylesbury Town Council took over the running of the Cemetery from Aylesbury Vale District Council in 2006.

The two chapels and mortuary, known as the Dead House, were designed in the Gothic style by Reading-based architects W. F. Poulton and W .H. Woodman. On the left is the episcopal chapel, originally for followers of the Church of England, which is still used for services today. On the right is the dissenters’ chapel, originally for followers of other faiths, which is available for hire. The Dead House was a place to house the deceased prior to burial. All three buildings are grade II listed as good examples of early burial board architecture.

There is no office at the cemetery, it is administered from the Town Hall.

EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS: 07504 439 405 (gates opening)

General enquiries, bookings etc.:

Aylesbury Town Council, Town Hall, 5 Church Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 2QP

Town Hall Opening Hours 8.45 am – 5.15 pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am – 4.45pm Friday

Telephone:           01296 425678 / 07964 360 038


There are two main entrances to the cemetery. Tring Road (HP20 1LF) has a small car park and is closest to the chapels and public toilets. Tring Road is served by buses 8, 16, 50, 55, 61, 164, 500 & 501, Traveline stop code bucgamta. Turnfurlong (HP21 7PY) has a larger car park. There is a pedestrian entrance off Walton Way.

Traditional, lawn style and ashes graves are available, up to double depth to accommodate two burials. Mausoleum chambers and ashes sanctums are available for above-ground burial.

Burial Rights

When a grave is “purchased” it is the not the ground which is purchased but the right to bury in that particular space. The ground remains property of the council and is subject to the cemetery regulations. The burial rights are issued for 99 years to the person/people named on the paperwork. Only the holder of the burial rights may authorise a burial in the grave or a gravestone to be placed. Where there is more than one owner, authorisation is required from all of them.

Transfer of Burial Rights

When a grave owner passes away, it is their right to be buried in the grave, providing there is space left. After this, the ownership must be transferred before any further burial or memorial work takes place. If the owner left a will then their executor may take it over, unless the will specifically bequeaths the grave to someone else. If they did not leave a will then their nearest surviving next of kin may take it over. In any case, the rightful person may nominate someone else. All transfers must be properly registered with Aylesbury Town Council, please contact the office to obtain the correct paperwork.

Next of Kin Hierarchy

1. Husband, wife or civil partner Not partners who weren’t married or in a civil partnership
2. Children

Siblings have equal standing regardless of age or gender, so estate is shared equally between them.

 Includes legally adopted children but not stepchildren

3. Grandchildren
4. Great-grandchildren
5. Parents
6. Siblings
7. Nieces/nephews
8. Half-siblings
9. Half-nieces/half-nephews
10. Grandparents
11. Aunts/uncles
12. Cousins
13. Half-aunts/half-uncles
14. Half-cousins

Memorials may only be fixed by a stonemason registered with Aylesbury Town Council. This is to ensure they are suitably insured, qualified and agree to abide by our regulations. A list is available to download at the bottom of this page. Your stonemason will apply to us for a permit to complete the work and this must be signed by the grave owner(s). Please see our current price list for the permit fees.

Opening Times

Open every day throughout the year

No admission 15 minutes before closing time


08.00 to 16.00 GMT

(last Sunday in October to last Saturday in March)


08.00 to 20.00 BST

(last Sunday in March to last Saturday in October)

The Cemetery Manager is on site Monday to Friday, 8.45am-10am, at other times by appointment.