Tring Road Cemetery was first opened in 1858 after the closure of St Mary’s Churchyard for burials. Aylesbury Town Council took over the running of the Cemetery from Aylesbury Vale District Council in 2006. The Town Council maintains the cemetery grounds and has an on going improvement plan. This included the building of mausoleums, the installation of Columnbaria and more.

There are two entrances to the cemetery – Tring Road (HP20 1LF) and Turnfurlong (HP21 7PY). There is car parking within the cemetery at both entrances. For the chapels please use the Tring Road entrance. For most other visits to the Cemetery the Turnfurlong entrance is probably more appropriate. For a map click here.

EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS: 07504 439 405 (gates opening)

For all other enquiries please call the office on 01296 425678

The Exclusive Right of Burial is a Deed of Grant issued to a purchaser of a grave. The deed entitles the holder to determine who is buried in the grave and whether a memorial can be erected on a grave.

The Exclusive Right of Burial may be purchased when applying for an interment or for future use of a grave space for a period of 99 years. Grave spaces may be purchased by residents and non-residents of the Parish of Aylesbury. The fee for non-residents will be double those of residents of the Parish except where a resident has passed away in a nursing home or hospice outside the Parish having moved with in the previous 24 months.

At the end of the 99 year period of the Exclusive Right of Burial, the owner, or his/her heirs, shall have the choice of renewing that right subject to the rules and regulations in force at that time.

Guidance for arranging a memorial

We strongly recommend that you speak with us first before ordering a memorial in order to ensure that the company you are dealing with has been approved by the Council.

Specifications for memorials

Only memorials that conform to an approved specification are allowed in the cemetery. These specifications can be obtained from Aylesbury Town Council, from our Cemetery Regulations, and also from those funeral directors and monumental masons who are registered with our Memorial Masons Registration Scheme. Only those registered to our scheme are permitted to build, refurbish or erect memorials within Tring Road Cemetery.

Appropriate authority must be obtained from the Bereavement Services Officer before a memorial can be fixed. It is important to note that only the grave owner may sign the application and that they will be held responsible for the future maintenance and safety of that memorial. For more information on the type of memorial (subject to approval) please visit the National Association of Memorial Masons website.

For more information about our Memorial Masons Registration Scheme click here.

Information for Memorial Masons

For further information on the Memorial Masons Registration Scheme please click here or contact the Bereavement Services Officer at the Town Hall on 01296 425678 or cemetery@aylesburytowncouncil.gov.uk

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