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Aylesbury’s new Mayor for the year 2018/19, Cllr Mark Willis, was ‘made’ last Friday (18 May, 2018) at the annual Mayor Making Ceremony held at Aylesbury College.  Outgoing Mayor, Cllr Tom Hunter-Watts, gave a speech, commenting on how he had enjoyed meeting a wide selection of schools and organisations, community groups and working with his chosen charity, Inspire All, who were presented with a cheque for £10,000 from donations received over the year and from various fundraisings events and organisations.

Cllr Mark Willis, who was honoured to take on the role as Mayor of Aylesbury, expressed his delight and privilege at being nominated to represent the town.  The Mayor outlined his plans for the year ahead,  including engaging with local schools, encouraging Sports for all, and  supporting local charities, businesses as well as supporting his chosen charity for the year, Carers Bucks, and in particular, Young Carers Bucks.

Cllr Mike Smith accepted the role of Deputy Mayor for the coming year.