Aylesbury Town Council supports a Unitary Council

//Aylesbury Town Council supports a Unitary Council

Aylesbury Town Council supports a Unitary Council

At the annual Council Meeting, Aylesbury Town Council unanimously agreed on the proposal to support a Unitary Council.

The Council notes the statements made by the leaders of Bucks County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council on the desirability of a unitary authority, as well as the comments made by the former Chief Executive of Bucks CC.

Aylesbury Town Council supports the unitary goal, and believes that the functions of District and County should be combined. We make no judgement at this stage on the form a unitary authority should take, but call for any decisions to be based on impartial evidence, and for District and County authorities to work together in a collegiate and constructive way.

The Council also believe that a unitary authority should not be remote from the parishes but further empower parish authorities to deliver services and take decisions for local people at a local level. To ensure financial stability and preserve accountability, the unitary model must be as effective at devolving power as it is in consolidating it. Aylesbury Town Council expects to contribute in a positive way to discussions on the best way forward. We are ready for the future and committed to building on our past success.

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